Monday, April 18, 2016

E-MU Mo' Phatt - Exploring the Presets - Part 2 - MVM #31

Welcome to part #2 of this Exploring the Presets video section. What's up everybody? Today we're going to be checking out some of the stock preset sounds that come in the E-MU Mo' Phatt sound module. This is a 64 voice, multitimbral sound module that came out in 2001. We're going to be sequencing it from the MPC1000 so we can access different patches on different MIDI channels, and maintain independent control of each track.

This one is a little different than our typical Exploring the Preset series, (where we typically look at one patch at a time), but this rompler really seems to pair up well with the MPC. This way we're also able to check out some of the drum sounds within the module, as well as synth and one shot sample based instruments.

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