Monday, January 4, 2016

Roland Alpha Juno - Filter Sweeps - MIDIVERSE - TV - MVM#19

Welcome to MIDIVERSE - TV! On this episode of Midiverse Mondays we'll be checking out the filter section on a Roland HS-10 (Alpha Juno 1). You might be wonder why I have an additional MIDI controller keyboard in front of the synth. Well there are a few things to mention about that, the first being that the HS-10's keyboard is not velocity sensitive, however it will accept velocity messages via MIDI. Since our M-Audio Axiom sends out velocity data, that handles that. I'm also running a software editor called "AU300" on via Ableton Live, which the Axiom 61 is mapped to control. This is how we're able to access the parameters shown in this video such as filter cutoff, resonance, ect.

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