Tuesday, April 21, 2015

iPG-800 iPad App Review - Editor for Roland JX-8P - MIDIVERSE - TV

In this episode of MIDIVERSE-TV we take a look at the iPG-800 iPad application. This app replaces the rare and expensive Roland PG-800 editor, and at only a fraction of the cost.. it really is a no brainer. I am absolutely satisfied with the performance of the app. 

Since my original purchase they've upgraded this app with the addition of a iPG-300 editor, which worked out great for me... As I own a Roland Alpha Juno 1 which uses the PG-300 editor. 

The iPG-800 works with Roland JX-8P and MKS-70.
The iPG-300 works with Roland Alpha Juno and JX-3P (with kiwi midi upgrade).

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