Monday, March 23, 2015

Akai Miniak & Akai MPC1000 - Basic MIDI CC Data Sequencing - MIDIVERSE TV

Akai MPC1000 & Akai Miniak - MIDI CC Sequencing demo - Click here

Here's a quick video on how to record MIDI CC data using a MIDI sequencer. For this demonstration we're using the Akai Miniak Virtual Analog Synthesizer as the MIDI Controller and Sound Module (for the lead sound), and we're using the Akai MPC1000 Sampler/Sequencer to record the MIDI sequences from the keyboard, as well as using some samples from the TR-808 for the drum track.

So to explain this setup a little bit further, for this demonstration the Miniak is set to MIDI channel #1. We have MIDI going out of the synth and into the drum machine, and out of the drum machine and into the synth. This allows us to send the part we're playing from the keyboard to the MPCs sequencer. In this case we're using a 2 bar loop, so the part is the recorded into the sequencer. From there the MIDI information is sent from the sequencer back to the synthesizer where the sound is made. Since this particular synthesizer has knobs and mod wheels that send MIDI CC data, we're able to record those patterns while we turn the knobs and the mod wheels. This allows for automated patterns to be saved with the sequences, which makes things quite a bit more interesting.

This is an idea that took me a while to grasp when I first started getting involved with MIDI, synthesizers, and just music production in general. That's what made me want to make this tutorial video, I hope it helps.

In fact, I've decided to do an entire video tutorial series on the Akai MPC sampler series... so be sure to check back soon, and subscribe to the youtube channel.

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